The Pot Butter Pancake Nostalgia Tour

April 2012


John Garland / Danny Paschall / Scott Schroen


Thursday 4/19 – 10pm

Stanley’s Pub - Cincinnati, OH

Friday 4/20 – 8:00pm

Taffys - Eaton, OH

Saturday 4/21 – 11:00am

Pancake Breakfast - Oxford, OH

Saturday 4/21 – 8:30pm

The Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV

Sunday 4/22 – 8:30pm

The Empty Glass - Charleston, WV













Heavy Duty Judy

Trouble Everyday

Camarillo Brillo

Muffin Man

Tell Me You Love Me

Carolina Hardcore

T'Mershi Duween

San Berdino


Joes Garage

Catholic Girls

Crew Slut

Why Does It Hurt

My Guitar Wants to Kill

Filthy habits

Magic Fingers

Bobby Brown

Eat that Question

Uncle Remus

Chunga's Revenge

Cosmik Debris


I'm the Slime

Dinah Moe Hum

Peaches en Regalia

Teenage Prostitutes

Pygmy Twylite

Titties n Beer

King Kong

Willie the Pimp

The Deathless Horsie



Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Baby Snakes

Echidnas Arf

Wind up Workin

Tryin' to Grow a Chin

Dirty Love

St Alphonzo

Packard Goose


Zoot Allures


Ugly Radio Rebellion makes no claim of ownership of any recorded material

and have no connection to Frank Zappa or the Zappa Family Estate

We have the legal right to perform this music as provided by BMI/ASCAP

Thank you for your support!